Only men can inherit the title of chief in Lesotho. One woman is trying to change that



“A woman in Lesotho is not discriminated against — she simply doesn’t exist […] You can only discriminate against someone who exists, but in Lesotho’s laws on succession and inheritance, women are not even mentioned — they are entirely overlooked.”

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“She put her hand out and touched the hard, dry floor. Water all around her, all the way up to the thatched roof. Water outside, water flowing high above the roofs of homes. Fields and trees and rocks deep at the bottom of a huge lake of water.”

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‘Mathabiso Mosala: 50 years of activism in Lesotho


“Despite her age, Mosala speaks with clarity and strength, and holds her listener in a steady gaze. She has many stories to tell. For the past five decades, she has been at the forefront of the Lesotho National Council of Women (LNCW), a coalition of women’s organisations that has worked tirelessly over the years to advocate for the rights of women in Lesotho, and to provide them with meaningful skills, opportunities and training.”

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