The Forgotten Kingdom: Filming Lesotho’s Identity


“The Forgotten Kingdom is framed from the perspective of a protagonist who feels that he is an outsider in his own country, and there are many viewers who will identify with its themes of leaving, returning and having to figure out one’s relationship to a place.”

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Creative Dialogues: Engaging with Lesotho’s Diaspora


“Although from many different walks of life, the invited participants have something important in common: they are all members of Lesotho’s diaspora – people who were born in the country, or who at some point lived or worked in the country – but now are primarily based elsewhere.”

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Ba re e ne re: Reigniting Lesotho’s literary culture

Ba re e ne re

The festival’s opening ceremony took place at the same time that a political march was held through the centre of Maseru. Night-time events were cancelled in the face of potential security threats. But despite these challenges, people of all ages came out to enjoy the day-time events, which featured a vibrant combination of live music, poetry readings, storytelling performances and discussions with authors.

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