Women in Resistance

Women in Resistance is a travelling photo exhibition by French photographer Pierre-Yves Ginet which showcases different women from around the world who are in various ways fighting for equality, justice, dignity and survival.

In May 2015, the Alliance Française de Maseru hosted the exhibition as part of their Women in Resistance month, with support from the Vodacom Lesotho Foundation, the European Union of Lesotho, UNDP, Standard Lesotho Bank and the US Embassy.

Photographic portraits and written profiles of Basotho women were commissioned and displayed alongside Pierre-Yves Ginet’s work. The exhibition came to a close in Maseru at the end of May 2015, and will re-open later this year at the Morija Museum and Archives.

Collected here are the complete profiles of the Basotho women who feature in the exhibition. Follow the links to read more about:

‘Mathabiso Mosala – co-founder and President Emeritus of the Lesotho National Council of Women.

Nthomeng Majara – the first woman in Lesotho’s history to be appointed as the country’s Chief Justice.

Lerato Thoahlane – a young woman who is openly HIV positive and who works to educate and support other HIV positive youth.

Libakiso Matlho – National Coordinator of Women and Law in Southern Africa (WLSA) Lesotho.

Naleli – a young lesbian woman working on advocacy and educational projects that raise awareness about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) rights in Lesotho.

Senate Masupha – a woman fighting to change Lesotho’s Chieftainship Act, which only allows men to inherit chieftainship.

Ska Moteane – an award winning chef, entrepreneur and activist.

‘Makatleho Pitso – a young woman working to raise awareness about gender-based violence and to educate other women about their rights.

‘Mankhatho Selepe – a woman working with the NGO Development for Peace Education (DPE) to empower rural communities in Lesotho.

‘Manteboheleng Mabetha – Country Manager of Gender Links Lesotho.

‘Mareitumetse Mokhoro – regional organiser for the Lesotho Clothing Allied Workers’ Union (LECAWU), a trade union that advocates for better wages and working conditions for factory workers in Lesotho.

‘Mateboho Lerotholi – a street vendor and founding member of Khatang Tema Baits’okoli, a street vendors’ association.

To follow the progress of the Women in Resistance exhibition, like the Facebook page.


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